What to Pack in Your Lunch for School

We sat down with Lucy and Jen Moses to talk about how to pack a healthy school lunch:

Question: What types of food should we pack in our lunch?

Lucy: Fruits & veggies - instead of sugary treats, I like to take extra fruit!

Question: What is your favourite school lunch?

Lucy: Crackers & cheese, raw veggies & ranch dip, honeydew melon - sometimes a Rice Krispie treat 

Question: What do you take to drink?

Lucy: Water - I fill it up if I need to at school.

Question: What do you eat first?

Lucy: Usually fruits & veggies 

Question: What do you want to put in your lunch - but your mom won’t let you?

Lucy: Cupcake!!! 

What Lucy's Mom had to say:

Packing healthy lunches for your kids is so important.  Start right from the first day!  Be a good role model and pack a healthy lunch for yourself too. Look at ingredient labels on packaged food - and remember your child is expected to sit at school and learn (which can be hard if they just ate 5 tsp of sugar for lunch). If you are short on time in the mornings - pack lunches at night.  Make them creative and interesting - my kids love their lunch to look like a snack tray (it’s easier to pack this way too). 

The task of making lunches can seem like a struggle - but it’s one of the most important things you can do for your child.  Get them involved!! Take your time and do your best job!  Good luck this week!!! 


Lucy & Jen Moses