We love to Barbecue, do you?  Something about warm nights, the smell and taste of yummy food that makes this time of year the best. 

Here is one of my tricks when it comes to the BBQ.  Whenever I see meat on sale (mostly chicken as we get our beef from my parents), I try and stock up.  Instead of freezing it right away, I will take a few minute to place in ziploc bags with marinade on it.  That way I can grab it out of fridge to thaw the night before and marinade at same time. 

These marinades do not have to be anything special - your favourite barbecue sauce or homemade sauce. I tend to stick to chicken barbecue sauce from the store or a little honey garlic sauce (mix 1/2 cup honey, tsp garlic powder & 2 tbsp soy sauce). Place chicken in freezer bag, add sauce and freeze. 

In this picture I have used some chicken breast & fresh chicken wings. (Side note: we take the wings and cook in oven first - then place on low on the barbecue to crisp up). 

Feel free to share some of your favourite recipes with us.  Happy Grilling!