Taking Healthy to Heart

It may seem as though fitting exercise into our lives is easy as we own a gym, we teach classes and people watch us live a healthy life each and every day. However, our fitness journey started long before our business did, and it is a priority of ours EVERYDAY! 

AJ grew up playing sports and has since found running and daily workouts to be a similar outlet for him - challenging himself to do better EVERYDAY! I too grew up playing sports so fitness was an easy transition to make. I found that classes helped me commit to my goals and I've seen the best results through challenging myself EVERYDAY!

I motivate myself daily with this mindset- I want to be the healthiest I can be for my family and to prevent illness of any form. I would be really upset with myself if I didn't work hard EVERYDAY at being healthy. Now you may be thinking, "how do you do this day in an day out?!" It's certainly not easy, but I prep and try to stay organized. AJ and I schedule our workouts at the begging of each week to ensure that EVERYDAY we each have an outlet. For this to work, we must communicate, understand and appreciate each other's goals. Compromise and teamwork are key, as sometimes we have to find ways to workout with three kids hanging off of our backs.

I want us to live a long and healthy life together and the support we show each other EVERYDAY is how we plan to get there! If you are struggling with being healthy in life, sit down with your partner or family and make a plan. Your future depends on it! 

(Notice how many times I said EVERYDAY! - it's because living a healthy lifestyle needs to happen EVERYDAY!!!)