Beautiful Me

 How we think about our body, talk about our body and feel about our body has a huge impact on our mood and how we choose to carry out our day. We need to start shifting the ways in which we visualize and appreciate our bodies. It is important that we work towards cultivating body positive thoughts, recognizing that we are so much more than how we look! Here are just a few things that can help. 

When you find yourself being negative, try to focus on a physical feature that you do like. Do you like your eyes, your hair, your smile? We can all find something to compliment ourselves on! 

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It is integral that we cultivate a body positive environment for ourselves and others. Feeling bad about our bodies is a learned behaviour. We subconsciously prefer the body types we see propagated within the media. Make a conscious decision to stop following social media accounts that negatively impact your body positive environment! Sometimes we follow different fitness or health accounts on Facebook or Instagram to help motivate us, but often we find some of these accounts leave us feeling critical of our ourselves rather than encouraged. In this case, it's simple - stop following them! It may seem silly but this can help! Instead, if you love social media, stick to accounts that have a positive impact on your daily life. 

Stop buying clothes you will wear "someday". 

Pursue a hobby that makes you feel good. 

Pay attention to how you participate in conversations about other people's bodies or how you speak about your own. We need to stop the judgement! 

Live a healthy life. When we are doing good things for ourselves, like eating healthy and exercising regularly, it improves how we feel both physically and mentally. 

These are just a few small steps that can have monumental impact in making a shift towards thinking and speaking more positively about our bodies, leaving us feeling more confident in our own skin!


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About the Author: 

Michelle Kreller-Watcher has been with the LiveWell team since the beginning. She holds various positions as part of our Administrative staff, as well as being a Canfit certified Personal Trainer and an enthusiastic class instructor, making her a valued member of our team! In her spare time, Michelle enjoys spending time with her family, reading and walking her dog.