Mindset: The 4 P's

A positive mindset is something we all strive for but sometimes find difficult to maintain or know where to start.  Recently, I have started using the ‘3-P’s’ (I actually added a fourth ‘P’ this summer).  The ‘3-P’s’ are:  Positive, Posture, Plan (and the fourth...Patience). 

 I started using the ‘3-P’s’ as a focal point for my baseball and softball hitting clinics as well as my own hitting approach as I started playing more Senior Fastpitch throughout North America.  The idea was to remain positive no matter the outcome of previous games, at bats and pitches.  Maintain ‘good’ posture (staying ‘Up’ with shoulders and chin and hands back) and have a plan (what pitch am I looking for or what location).  The fourth ‘P’ I added was to be patient, not always with the count but with the result.  Trusting and investing in the process.  All of this mental work is done prior to the at bat.  Once in the batter’s box it’s time to focus and compete.  


About a year ago, I woke up and thought the ‘3-4-P’s’ could be useful in everyday life as well.  So, I have started making them a part of my morning routine before I even get out of bed.   To myself, I say I am going to be...

Positive with my words and my mind.  

Have good Posture by portraying a quiet confidence.  

Be Patient with the process of my day, my goals as well as the the people and situations I encounter throughout my day.  

Lastly, have a Plan for the day.  This usually involves the following questions: 

What I am going to accomplish today (specific goal setting)?  Examples:  what workout am I going to complete, what am I going to eat/drink or not eat/drink,  what task/project am I going to complete and how will I do it.

How can I be better than yesterday?  Examples:  Improve on a specific skill, react to a situation in a better fashion, use my time wisely.

How can I help others today? Examples: Identify someone, something, that needs help or guidance.

How can organize my time:  Example:  Discuss with family when is best to have my one hour to myself. That one hour is so important for physical and mental health.  

It took me a while to get to this point of a consistent, positive, mental approach.  It probably wasn’t until we were close to having our third child that I came to the realization of a consistent positive mindset in sports and life. I had always said positive things but struggled to deal with failure or trusting the process.  Until the light came on...the ‘3-4-P’s:  Positive (words and mindset), Posture (quiet confidence), Plan (what am I going to do today to help others and to be successful), Patience (continue with and trust the process).  With this new approach to life I find myself more focused, organized, positive and successful, thanks in large part to my new morning routine of the ‘3-4 Ps’.   

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