Cool Refreshing Infused Water

Have you ever tried infused water?  If not you are missing out!  Infusing your water with fruits and/or herbs can create a "mocktail" of sorts to satisfy your palate and offer extra health benefits. 

Making infused water can be just as easy as adding some ingredients straight into your water. You can also buy water bottles that have a section in the centre to hold your fruit/herbs allowing you to continue to fill with water throughout the day. 

Recently I have been trying a few different approaches to see which method gives the best flavour.  Here is what I found to be the best flavour and to release more of those healthy properties into your water. 


Whatever fruit you plan to use for infusion - place on baking sheet and in freezer.  In this picture I have used blueberries and lime. Freeze fruit. In a blender measure out water in your cup and pour into blender.  Then add a cup of ice.  Use blender to chop ice up a bit (ice pieces can be roughly the size of marbles). Then add frozen fruit and blend a bit again.  Pour into your glass and enjoy!

Super simple - great for friends - to enjoy everyday - all day!


  • Basil + Berries
  • Oranges + Blueberries
  • Lemon + Mint + Cucumber
  • Watermelon + Kiwi + Strawberry

Feel free to share your own recipes with us!