DECEMBER FREEZER MEAL ORDERS!  I love to have my crockpot simmering away on chilly day.  The lineup this month is AMAZING!  We have changed the way you submit an order & we have added TONS of choices to our menu so you can prep for the whole month.

We use these freezer meals to feed our families too - when we are ordering we think about what we need for the month.  A weekly pasta meal, a weekly protein option, a weekly rice dish. a weekly soup to heat up and serve all week - plus all the other add-ons.  If you add up the time and money you spend making each meal - you will find these meals are a DEAL!!

To submit your order please fill out the form below - checking off each item that you wish to purchase.  Please specify at the top whether these meals are to be FULL or HALF meals (you can have a variety too).

Pickup is THURSDAY DECEMBER 13TH - from 4:30-7pm - At LiveWell4Life (we can arrange alternative time if this does not work - but you must let us know in advance or you will pay a $10 fee for us to store it till you come and pick it up) 

Below is a description of each meal - and cost of items.  Please note -- you cannot pay online for these meals - payment is accepted at pickup.



Name *
Please specify whether you would like FULL MEALS (serves 4) or HALF MEALS (serves 2).
A kid favourite! Perfectly spiced sausage and penne tossed with our favourite tomato sauce.
Two classic meals put together - amazing beef chili together with noodles and cheese. My family thanked me for supper after trying this meal!
Inspired by our favourite restaurant meal. Chicken, bacon, red pepper, fettuccine noodles tossed in a homemade tomato cream sauce.
Cheese and ricotta stuffed in pasta shells and topped with sauce & cheese.
This chicken is so versatile eat with rice, on salads, wraps or sandwiches. It’s perfect to make on Sunday and eat for lunches all week!
The perfect blend of spices makes this classic so flavourful and it's great for a crowd.
Beef meatballs in a homemade sauce - always a crowd pleaser!
We always have lots of requests for this meal! Chicken with veggies in a creamy sauce served with homemade cheese biscuits.
Pizza dough stuffed with fresh ingredients and our favourite pizza sauce all rolled up (formerly named Pizza Stromboli).
Pizza dough stuffed with fresh ingredients and our favourite pizza sauce all rolled up (formerly named Pizza Stromboli).
This creamy comfort meal is popular every time we offer it. So good!!!
A Christmas dinner that's made in the slow cooker. Turkey, stuffing and green beans together in a creamy sauce. Perfect to celebrate with a small family or if you don't have any leftovers after Christmas!
So healthy and full of Mexican flavours! Ground turkey, black beans, corn, peppers, tomato and quinoa in a homemade enchilada sauce. I can't get enough of this one!
Savoury egg casserole with bacon, cheese, red & green peppers. This meal is a must for the holidays. So easy to pop in the oven and your family will love it!
A creamy comfort soup that will warm you up!
Packed with superfoods & flavour. You will want this soup to help you start your NEW YEAR off right.
Creamy- remade soup that's ready to heat and serve.
A new must try!!! Strawberries, peaches, pineapple, banana and blueberries frozen together in fruit juice as a fruit cup. Amazing healthy snack to have on hand for the holidays. Just thaw & serve! My kids give this two big thumbs up!!
A healthy snack to put with yogurt and fruit, as a cereal or by itself.
A frozen loaf of bread that you make in slow cooker. So fresh and delicious. Wow your guests this holiday season with fresh, warm homemade bread!
The best option to start your day off on the right track! These packs are filled with berries, banana, spinach and ground flax. My favourite mix of ingredients.
The original energy ball packed with oatmeal, flax seed and a sprinkle of chocolate chips
A kid favourite with smarties, sunflower seeds and peanut chunks.
Get festive with this exciting new recipe. We've added dried cranberries & white chocolate chunks to make this healthy snack taste like dessert.

Cost of FULL MEALS (4 servings) - The more you buy the better the DEAL! 

1 meal (serves 4 ppl) - $20

5 meals - $95

10 meals - $190 

15 meals - $285

Cost of HALF MEALS (2 servings):

1 meal (serves 2 people) - $10

5 meals $45

Cost of SOUP: 1 for $12 / $2 for $20

Cost of ENERGY BALLS: $5/bag

Cost of GRANOLA: $8/bag

 Cost of SMOOTHIE PACKS: 5 for $20

 Cost of BREAD: $5/loaf

Cost of FROZEN FRUIT CUPS: 5/250ml cups for $20

Cost of MEXICAN BEAN SALSA: $5/500ml