5 Lessons I've Learned from Making Salsa

Our family loves homemade salsa. We need to have lots to get us through the winter. It's a great snack, easy to add to recipes and a great gift!

If you've made salsa you know it can take some time (but you also know that come February it is so worth it!). 

This year I experimented a bit - and learnt some lessons:

1- I used my Vitamix blender to chop the onions, garlic, green peppers and jalapeño peppers and it worked awesome. It saved time, there was less crying and they were chopped so my kids can't say "what's that?"  

2- If you work as a team with someone it gets done way faster. Making salsa is a process and if you split the jobs even if one is just washing jars and getting them ready it's so much faster (special shout out to my mom as she is the speediest kitchen helper around). 

3- Explain to or let your kids help you. They will appreciate it more - and hopefully make it for themselves one day. 

4- Shop local farms for all your fresh supplies. Scott's Greenhouses is where we have been getting our veggies all summer - so - good - and he had everything I needed. Plus it felt good to support local veggies farmers - it's hard work!

5-  Giving salsa or any of your other canned goods as gift is like giving gold to some people. So make a little extra so you can gift it and make someone's day. 

Enjoy this wonderful and plentiful season of delicious fresh foods!