In 2015 Dwayne Bryant decided that he was going to get rid of all life's excuses and change his life. He is very similar to many of the people we see come into LiveWell - wanted to feel better, lose weight - he had the equipment at home but wasn't using it, his kids were busy in sports and other engagements, he works and travels for work, enjoys spending time with family and friends. But he put all this aside and he started with a gym membership and then tried out our StrengthFit and Jacked Up classes. It was then he started to see amazing results and began to feel that energy come back into his life. He recently commented to me "I had a couple of days were I ate bad and didn't exercise and I felt terrible!"- when people say this to me I know they have changed their life for good. They know the energy that comes from eating healthy and exercising and don't want to go back to the way they felt before. Congrats Dwayne on putting all excuses aside to live a healthy life - your commitment and dedication to exercising and healthy lifestyle have definitely paid off!!