Our personal profile this week features an amazing lady by the name of Gerdina Goodyer. If you are looking for inspiration she is it!! Gerdina owns her our hairstyling business, has 3 kids (2 of them twin boys) - that all play sports, eats clean everyday, finds sometime for exercise everyday, and always looks amazing!! Gerdina has been a runner, a heavy weight lifter, a triathlete (where she actually learned how to swim to take part) and various other exercise forms. After a few injuries Gerdina found that working with one of our trainers taught her how to build her core to strengthen her whole body and now she is stronger than ever.  

Talk with her for awhile and you will also see that she is an awesome cook making clean and healthy meals for her family everyday. 

Creating this balance takes sacrifice, trial and error, early mornings, late nights and everything inbetween. But she has found this balance and wow does it ever make her one strong, healthy, beautiful lady!! Finding balance to fit being healthy into your life can be tricky but the benefits in the end are so worth it. Being a role model for your kids, family, community, and feeling like you can tackle each day ahead. She is an inspiration to me and those close to her and now hopefully to you too!! So proud and happy for you Gerdina!!