Marissa Bertens is a great person to begin our presentation of amazing clients at LiveWell4Life with. You may have seen her in the gym swinging from the bars doing pull-ups or sweating her butt off while she reaches another personal best on the weights. Whether in the gym or in a class her dedication, attention to form, and that drive in her eyes makes me and the people around her want to succeed even more. She does this for herself day in and day out and has this to say: "Body shapes/sizes tell you nothing about someone's health- it's the healthy behaviours on a regular basis that determines someone's health. I run and come to classes (almost everyday) because it makes me happy, increases my energy levels, excites me to feel how dynamic and strong my body has become, plus it's my hope that this hard work helps me live a long, healthy life!"

What you may not know is that Marissa is getting married in September - but she started this healthy journey long before to live a great life - not just to get in great shape for her wedding. At LiveWell4Life we talk about balance and living a healthy life all the time. Not just because your getting married or had a baby or need to quickly lose 20 lbs, or for a big event. Being healthy is a life adventure that takes place everyday- not just for a month or two at a time. 

Marissa we love having you as part of our LiveWell family and wish you the upmost happiest as you start a new chapter of your life.