Andrew Medhurst was one of the first gym members we had at LiveWell4Life and he has been there every week since. He is a father of two great kids, a local paramedic, baseball, hockey and soccer coach, husband, plays fastball and hockey himself, and probably many other things I don't even know. His drive and determination with each of his workouts is motivating and inspiring. He may have just finished a 12 hour shift or hasn't slept in days but finds the energy to push his body to remain healthy and strong.  

As a paramedic his job is very physically and mentally exhausting. He has found, as have many other first responders, that exercise is necessary in order to keep his body and mind as strong as possible to assist others that are in need. We would be lucky to have Andrew assist us in an emergency, if ever need be, and we are also thankful for the energy he brings to LiveWell. At LiveWell4Life we encourage first responders to stay fit physically and mentally which is why we offer a First Responder discount on membership rates. 

Thanks Andrew for all you do for our community!