These 3 girls have been inspiring me all winter long. Emily Chessell, Lesley Upshall & Jaimie Montgomery are busy moms - each having 2 or 3 kids - they work, keep their lives in order - plus find time to exercise. They have been joining me for TRX class every Monday through the winter. These 3 inspire me because I know what it's like to walk out of a house with kids everywhere and go and do something for yourself. It's not easy and there can be a million excuses and other things you could be doing. 

But really exercising helps you create that balance in your life. If you feel good you handle stresses better, you keep yourself feeling and looking great, and you are being a great role model for your family. 

Thanks girls for joining our classes (and for the laughs on the side) you are all inspiring for all moms out there. 

Cheers to all those moms who join us every week! Have a wonderful weekend!