What is chiropractic?

Chiropractic is a health care discipline that assess and treats disorders related to the spin, nervous system, and joints of the body. Chiropractic treatment includes a variety of hands-on manipulations/mobilizations (also referred to as an adjustment) in order to provide relief of pain and improvement in function and mobility. Chiropractic techniques are safe, and very effective.  


What to expect on your first visit?

For your first chiropractic appointment, we ask you to show up 15 minutes early to fill out a detailed health history form. If you have a copy of any X-rays, reports, or other imaging, please bring those with you. Our chiropractor will then perform a thorough history and physical examination particularly focusing on your spine, joints, muscles, and your nervous system. If chiropractic treatment is considered appropriate, that is included in your first appointment. A treatment plan will be developed to meet your specific needs by incorporating a variety of techniques including hands on adjustments, acupuncture, soft tissue therapy, and exercise prescription.  

If our chiropractor diagnosis a condition that would be appropriately treated or co-treated by another health care professional, he will make the appropriate referral.  Otherwise, he will suggest a date for a follow up appointment.  

Set aside 60 minutes for your first visit to the chiropractor. Future visits are typically 30 minutes.  


Will I feel better immediately?

After a chiropractic treatment, many people will notice an improvement in their symptoms right away.  Depending on your diagnosis, you may require a series of treatments in order to feel complete relief.  Your chiropractor will advise additional ways to improve and prevent your symptoms, such as exercise and stretching.


How often do I need to see a chiropractor?

Your chiropractor will recommend a treatment plan that’s best for you.  Some people may require more frequent visits to treat specific conditions, and others might only require occasional treatments for maintenance and prevention.  


Is chiropractic covered under OHIP?

Your extended health plan may cover chiropractic care partially or completely. Please check with your healthcare insurance company to find out more details.


Does chiropractic treatment require referral from an MD?

No. A patient does not have to be referred. Chiropractors are legislated as primary contact health care professionals in every province in Canada. This means that patients can consult them directly. Similarly, chiropractors frequently refer to medical doctors when necessary.

What is a chiropractic “adjustment” and how is it performed?

A chiropractic adjustment is a manipulation of the joints particularly the spine.  It is a manual procedure that is done with careful control using refined skills that have been developed during years of education and practice.  The chiropractor will have you lie down or sit up on his treatment table, and with careful positioning, will apply gentle pressure or a quick thrust to mobilize your vertebra and joints in order to provide relief.  If you are ever uncomfortable with this procedure, do not hesitate to say so. Treatment is more effective when the patient is relaxed. 

At what age can you receive chiropractic treatment?

Chiropractic care is effective for people of all ages - including children and infants. Treatments are always adapted to the individual patient.


Why do my joints make a “popping” sound when being adjusted? 

The sounds you hear while being adjusted are the same as when you ‘crack’ your knuckles.  When your joints are manipulated it causes a change in pressure, which often results in gas bubbles being released between your joints. Usually, this is not painful, so do not be alarmed.