We are so excited that you have made the commitment to join our LiveWell FITCLUB.  What better way to stay on track then to have us guiding and supporting you along the way.  Read below for all the information you need regarding


Once we receive notification that you have joined our program then we will add you to a Private Facebook group that only group members can see. Each day you will receive a brand new workout you can do - any place, anytime and for all levels.  You will also receive nutritional information along the way that will compliment all your hard physical work! 

We feel that people are most committed when they know they need to set aside time everyday for movement. So you will receive a workout everyday!  Don't worry, some of those days will be yoga/stretch style workouts - to give your muscles a break. 

The best part is that we will keep you accountable to your workouts. You will 'Like' or post a comment when finished and we will track that you have completed the workout for that day (sending out reminders and encouragement if we see you falling behind).   By being part of a big group you feel the support of everyone involved - get your friends and family on board too- have fun checking if they have finished their workout. 


We have set up this program on a reoccurring monthly payment basis. We will add you to the group within 24 hours of receiving your initial payment. If you have not received notification through Facebook that you have been added within 24 hours please contact us to ensure we have received your registration. 

Payments will be charged monthly according to the day you first started.  You can deactivate monthly payments at any time by calling us to let us know you would like to cancel. Once you deactivate your payments, you will be removed from the group after your term expires.  If at any time we receive notice that your payment could not be processed - we will send you a message - you will have 48 hours from notification to contact us to settle your account or you will be removed from the group. 


We recommend that you consult with your physician before beginning any exercise or nutrition program.  By engaging in this program you agree that you do so at your own risk and assume any injury to yourself, as this program is not specifically tailored, rather a guideline to help you on your journey to healthy living. 

We can’t wait to hear your success stories and see how regular exercise changes your life!

Jen & AJ Moses
Owners of LiveWell4Life